Friday, October 24, 2008


Free form wood and metal sculpture.


Tim has created many shapes and sizes of spiders, all harmless!!  The big one or "Big Daddy" as we call him is 13 feet across.  It is made of drilling rod and a redwood body.  "Big Daddy continues to move when you push on it.  The other spiders are made from rebar, engine parts, fire alarms and whatever it takes to make the body.  The fire alarm spiders are working fire alarms, or heat sensors.

Hang On!!

4Wheel made of metal and parts.  Stick man hanging on.

Cats and kitties

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Horsepower II"

"Horsepower II" is made out of all engine parts.  It is 2nd out of  a series.   All horses are made of exclusively auto parts, yet each horse is unique and totally different with personalities all their own.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Childhood Fantasies"

Childhood Fantasies is a piece I was commissioned to do by the FOUS IV.  They wanted a piece that was interactive and  could be enjoyed by all ages and cultures.  It has been displayed at West Fest in West Valley City as well as the advertising piece for the FOUS (Faces of Utah Sculpture)IV at the Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City.  Each of the red knobs creates a reaction, whether it is squirting water or making a noise.  When it is displayed it is enjoyed by all and always brings a crowd.

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"The Guardian"
The Guardian is my first sculpture, and the start of my career as an Artist.  The piece is one solid piece of Tamarisk.  The wood itself is very valuable in that it has a considerable amount of burl.  The burl in the wood and the way it grew tells the story of the wood's life. 

Available as a bronze 

My wife calls this spot because it came from the workshop into the livingroom and it needed to be nice to stay in the house.  Spot is made from automotive parts, metal, and bone.  The head and vertebrae are from a deer.

"Butterfly II"
The butterfly is created using springs and metal to create the body.  The wings are glass from different cars.  This one was created for the Mom of the son whose car the glass was from.  Some of the butterflies have painted wings and some don't.

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Friday, October 17, 2008


A metal and wood sculpture standing 8 ft. tall.  The wood is one solid piece of wood shaped and sanded to keep the original curves and lines of the piece.  When you look at "Life"  you can see many aspects of life in figures and faces.